Unbelievable! These 9 Youngest Parents in the World Will Make You Crazy!


1. Sean and Emma

The young boy in this picture is Sean Stewart – the UK’s youngest dad. The school boy from Sharnbrook, Bedforshire, was only eleven years old when he had sex with his 15-year-old next-door neighbour Emma Webster.

Sean’s mommy let him take the day off school when Emma was due to give birth. Emma, her parents, Ray and Shirley, and Sean’s mother, Theresa were all in attendance when Emma gave birth to Ben Louis on January 20, 1998

Sean and Emma became an official couple and he vowed to stand by her and his son saying at the time: “I was shocked at first when I was told Emma was pregnant but I am all right about it now.”

15-year-old Emma claimed she didn’t know that Sean was only eleven-years-old when she slept with him. Luckily for her social media wasn’t invented in 1998, so instead of being called a sick baby snatcher on Facebook, the ‘sweet’ story of how Sean would climb across a roof to meet with Emma made headlines all over the world.

After the birth Sean told the Daily Mail: ‘I hope to stay close with Emma for as long as possible. She comes round to my house every morning before school and meets me off the bus every afternoon. Things are OK at the moment and nothing has gone wrong.’

But unfortunately things did go wrong and Sean and Emma are no longer in contact. When asked three years ago about Sean, Emma said: ‘I have not seen Sean for three or four years and he has not seen Ben since then. I am married now and have a nice family. Ben is doing well at school. We just want to get on with our lives. I don’t know where Sean is or what he is doing.’

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