Wait, Are Chandler and Rachel Related In Friends?!


The Small Friends Detail That Hints At Chandler & Rachel Being Related

A theory posted on Reddit explains a possible link between Chandler and Rachel that would mean they are related. The author points out that in Friends season 5 episode in Las Vegas, when Rachel sees how Ross painted her face, she says she looks like her great aunt Muriel. Later, in Friends season 8, it’s revealed that Chandler’s middle name is “Muriel”, which he claims is a family name. The author explains that, while there are no connections between the Greens (Rachel’s family) and the Bings (Chandler’s family), both families were in proximity and “have amassed great wealth”, so there could be a hidden connection between them – so, if Muriel is a family name and Rachel had a great aunt Muriel, Rachel and Chandler’s relation could be cousins.

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