Excellent! 10 Things We Want To See In Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman Movie!


10. The Pantheon Of Greek Gods

It would be disappointing if Jenkins' groundbreaking foray into the princess of the Amazons doesn't hit the key notes of Greek mythology that have been embedded in Wonder Woman comics over the decades. We're hoping that the Greek gods aren't simply mentioned in passing or relegated to cameos and Easter Eggs because we were promised something of the grandest magnitude, overseen by writer Geoff Johns and inspired by Richard Donner's "Superman." 

Comic loyalists will be expecting Zeus to factor into Diana's clay origins as well as to have his relationship explored with her mother, Hippolyta. However, the film shouldn't limit itself to just Zeus or recurring Wonder Woman antagonist, Ares, as there are so many other classic mythological villains to draw from like Circe and Hades. The "Clash of the Titans" franchise is a great example of this and ultimately, we'd love for a bit more of that round-table drama on Olympus which influenced Diana's rise as a demigod.

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