Top 6 Magic Tricks Gone Horribly Wrong !


MAGICIAN 'Wizard Mandrake's' loved ones probably wish they could turn back time and stop him from trying out his latest terrifying trick.

The Indian stuntman, 40, was found dead yesterday after being lowered into the Ganges River while tied up with steel chains and ropes.

But it isn't the first time a magic trick has gone horribly wrong.

From magicians shot dead and mowed down by speeding cars to escapologists crushed to death while being buried alive, the industry is blighted by tragedy.

And it's not just the stuntmen and women themselves who fall victim - a TV presenter was once stabbed through her hand with a nail during a paper bag trick live on air.

Here, as 'Wizard' Chanchal Lahiri's family and friends mourn their loss, we look at the other stunts that didn't go to plan - often with deadly consequences.

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